WARNING: mouthwatering content

WARNING: homemade content that may make your mouth water severely! ⚠️ No title will do these beautiful veggie burgers justice, so let me just run you through EXACTLY what’s going on here! Spicy black bean burgers, with a homemade potato yam rostie bun, caramelised red onions and salad. Served with a side of CAULIroni cheese.… Continue reading WARNING: mouthwatering content

You wont have MUSHROOM after this

Sunday supper suggestion! ✨ With wintery cold nights settling in, what more could you want than a delicious belly warming stew to have on a Sunday evening. The PERFECT pre new week dinner, to make both your belly and your hearts warm. Recently i've been making a conscious effort to eat less meat, obviously to… Continue reading You wont have MUSHROOM after this