WARNING: mouthwatering content

WARNING: homemade content that may make your mouth water severely! ⚠️ No title will do these beautiful veggie burgers justice, so let me just run you through EXACTLY what’s going on here! Spicy black bean burgers, with a homemade potato yam rostie bun, caramelised red onions and salad. Served with a side of CAULIroni cheese.… Continue reading WARNING: mouthwatering content

You wont have MUSHROOM after this

Sunday supper suggestion! ✨ With wintery cold nights settling in, what more could you want than a delicious belly warming stew to have on a Sunday evening. The PERFECT pre new week dinner, to make both your belly and your hearts warm. Recently i've been making a conscious effort to eat less meat, obviously to… Continue reading You wont have MUSHROOM after this

Oodles of noodles in a very yummy broth

Want something light and healthy for dinner this evening? Then give this Asian vegetable and noodle broth a go! I’m starting to try and eat more veggie dinners in the week, so why not share these recipes with you. Veggie food does NOT have to be boring! Just because there’s no meat doesn’t mean it’s… Continue reading Oodles of noodles in a very yummy broth

Chinese Fake-away

Healthy chinese fakeaway Its NEARLY the weekend, so you know what that means! Takeaway time! Maybe not, they cost a fortune, they have so many unnecessary calories in them and usually leave you with an upset stomach. So why not sack off the paper menus this weekend and make your own FAKEAWAY! positively healthier positively… Continue reading Chinese Fake-away

Calprese chicken and courgettie

Salad Calprese, is one of the most simple but beautiful tasting salads you can have, With fresh Mozzarella, home grown basil and fresh tomatoes it makes a mouth watering-ly flavoursome dish. With this in mind I decided I wanted to take the idea of these 3 ingredients and make something exciting for dinner. I came… Continue reading Calprese chicken and courgettie