The COVID Canteen

Not all Corona is bad!

I remember when I first found out about Corona, and no not the tasty Mexican beer above. I was on my winter season, chucked on the news on my day off, when the headline stated..
“New Virus: Many cases in China. Virus has not yet been named”

But at the time little did I know what on earth was going to happen to the world. As I hit the apres bars later that afternoon, I shared my NEW-Story with my friends. The general consensus was that it wouldn’t spread and all would be A OKAY! As the weeks went on I kept up to date with the news. This is when things started to change; there were altercations with procedures in my hotel, new guests each week would voice concerns of the disease spreading at the airports, and eventually local business started to make restrictions within Meribel. Things then ended very suddenly and before we knew it we were back in the UK.

Final evening in Meribel 2020

So what next?

Everyones got their own story to tell during this COVID-19 time. Some have fallen ill with the disease or know loved ones who have, others have lost their jobs and have struggles at home. But one thing we all have in common is the ability to keep MOTIVATED during this uncertain time.

So heres some of my Tips for ISOLATION. Whether they can be of some use to you then great, but these are just some things I have done to keep myself motivated during this time.

Keep to some routine

Everyone has their own little routines they stick too, and during this time it may feel hard to keep to that without a normal schedule. Whether its certain meal times, bathroom rituals or daily exercise, find a little routine thats right for you. Some may not stick to this over the weekend normally, so allow yourself to have you weekends as you would. Others may like to write checklists of daily aims which you can cross off as you complete. Ticking that off makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something and boosts your self esteem. But just do whats right for you.


For myself exercise is one of the main things getting me through this time. With my IBS, stress at this time is an overload, and the best thing to try and keep that at bay is exercising. Luckily the weather has been nice so its been easy to work out in the garden or go on a bike ride. But just because the weather is now turning, doesn’t mean you have to STOP because of the rain. Theres nothing nicer than going for a walk in the drizzle in your waterproof jacket, and then returning home to a nice cup of tea. Just think HOW nice that tea is going to taste after that chilli stroll. For myself im using this time to get my fitness back up ready for ‘summer’ and my move to Canada… whenever that may be.
Sometimes its hard to motivate yourself to do so and you NEED someone to tell you to do it… so here are a few recommendations of videos to follow to get your but moving!
Lilly Sabri: workouts on youtube
Gabby Dawnallen: Live videos on instgram/ facebook

Plan the next ADVENTURE

For me I was meant to be going to Canada in June for two years… but at the moment its a little dubious as to when this may be. Absolutely devastating… is the word. But the thing keeping me going is coming up for a plan when im there. Obviously its now more Plan A, Plan B and probably Plan C, with all this uncertainty. But dreaming of this amazing travel and life in Canada once this is all over is the thing keeping me ticking…. and using up some of my empty time in the day. So think about what your next adventure/ holiday is… or even if you havent got anything in mind, come up with something in the near future to look forward too.


Enjoy yourself

This ISNT prison. Yeah we are stuck @ home, ALL day ( for those who aren’t key workers), but we’ve still got our lives. Its probably the only time in our lives that we will be able to enjoy endless time in our homes, take time out for ourselves and if you want too… DO NOTHING. For me I HATE doing nothing, and trust me it is a real challenge at the moment. So this is why im allowing myself time to write my blog and ENJOY IT. So Don’t stop doing the things you ENJOY just because you stuck at home. If your stuck at home with family, EMBRACE and ENJOY each others company. ENJOY a beer in the sunshine of your own garden. ENJOY chatting to friends online and ENJOY the comforts of your own space.

Of course one BIG thing I have been doing during lockdown is eating cooking. As well as coming up with some new recipes, and writing about them, I have also tried to make cooking AND eating FUN.

So here I open up the COVID-19 CANTEEN. My ideas and experiences to NOT only cook GREATTTTT food, but enjoy the whole cooking and eating experience at home during ISOLATION.

Read my next blog to find out what exciting things I have been doing these past few weeks, what feels like months in the kitchen.



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