Banana BOOST breakfast smoothie

This S*** is bananas, B A N A N A S

Need a quick breakfast before you hit the road?
Don’t fancy anything too heavy?
Like a tasty start to the day?

Then try this Banana Boost Breakfast smoothie!

This smoothie takes minutes to makes and tastes DELICIOUS. High in protein and fibre, this smoothie is great to keep you full for longer, so you wont be snacking up until lunch. The beauty of this recipe is you can alter the amounts of the different ingredients depending on your desired taste. So for those NUTTERS out there who love peanut butter, simply add more for a more nutty taste.


  • 1 banana
  • Desert spoon peanut butter ( I use crunchy)
  • Squeeze of honey
  • Handful of oats
  • Some crushed ice
  • approx 50/100ml of cold water
  • Dash of cacoa powder
  • Sprinkle chi seeds


It really is as easy as the click of a button. Simply add all ingredients into your mixer and blend. The ice in here creates a thicker taste to the smoothie, so if you prefer it more runny simply add more water into the mix.

Et voila

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