COVID-19 catchup

Its been a while since I’ve last had some time to write on my blog. However with the HUGE scale pandemic we are all going through at the moment, I now have more time on my hands to share more of my stories and secrets with you all.

So how is isolation going for you?! Are you starting to lose your mind with nothing to fill your time? Are you finding yourself sneaking in and out from the fridge, snacking your way through the day? Or are you using this time to get fit and ready for summer….. whenever that will be?


Today marks the day I SHOULD of returned from my 5th Winter season in the Alps. However unfortunately due to COVID-19, I have been back in the UK, in isolation for 6 weeks. MY world suddenly came crashing down, when we were informed we had 48 hours to leave the country and return to the UK. 6 weeks later I still don’t think im fully understanding whats going on in our world at the moment, or how to deal with it.

Hammocks, Meribel February 2020

But as our favourite childhood friends once told us…

Were all in this together!”

We really ALL are in the same boat. People from different countries, races and social classes, all experiencing this feeling of the UNKNOWN! So lets use this UNUSUAL time in our lives, to be positive, learn/try new things and look forward to exciting adventures in the future.

For a lot of us, we now have more time at home, time of which we may not know how to fill. So what better time than to get experimenting in the kitchen with some of my favourite recipes. So stick with me, on this new venture we are all in. Read my blog, learn about some of my experiences and adventures with food and create some of my favourite recipes with me.

We may currently not be able to see our friends and families, and we may not be able to go to social events and meet our mates down the pub. But one thing that isn’t taken away from us, is our ability to cook, and our stories from this.

See you in the kitchen.



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