IBS: I Balance S**t

As a youngster I would eat EVERYTHING and ANYTHING. Unfortunately now that’s a little difficult. Since being diagnosed with IBS when I was 22 it’s been a whirlwind of a journey to learn the difference between what I can eat and what I should eat.

Emily aged 3: eating EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING

Intolerances and allergies, What’s the difference?

Often people get confused between the two and what that means for individuals and diet. A food intolerance, occurs when a person has difficulty digesting a particular food. A food allergy, has the potential to lead to a serious or life-threatening reaction.

Luckily for me, my digestion problems are linked to intolerances NOT allergies. Learning to adapt to this was initially tricky when the doctor told me I needed to cut food from my diet… which was a big no no for me! However over time I’ve realised that you don’t have to completely cut things out of your life, it’s all down to balance!

I find its okay to have a little of the things that don’t agree with you, as long as it isn’t all the time. Enjoy your favourite foods when your going out to eat, or treat yourself to naughty treats every once in a while.

I still will eat things which won’t digest and cause me discomfort because I LOVE FOOD, but it’s about balance.

Healthy food + Regular exercise + Healthy thoughts =

Happy tummy!

Theres more to keeping your body happy than just food. Regular exercise and a happy mental state are just as important for you. This isn’t just for people with IBS this is for EVERYONE.

Luckily for me I live in the alps 6 months a year and get to ski most days! This keeps me active and ensures my digestion is working properly. There is also nothing I enjoy more than skiing (other than cooking of course), and it allows me to relive all my stress in one.

Exercise CHECK

Mental health CHECK

Since my journey began with IBS and working out what causes me discomfort I’ve become more and more interested in making interesting gluten free dishes. I will still eat foods containing gluten, but tend to steer away from heavy glutenous carbs.

So for those with intolerances don’t let them define you. Keep a healthy balance in life and make sure you still ENJOY what you eat and what you do. Because really we don’t eat to live.

“We live to eat”

Take a look at my recipes to see some interesting takes on gluten free dishes, which are healthy, packed with protein and super tasty.



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