All about Emily…

Vietnam 2016

Whats better than sharing your experiences and things you love than with others?

Hi i’m Emily.

A travelling, skiing, food enthusiast wanting to share my experiences about the things I love.

As a massive foodie, being able to travel to other countries to experience different foods and cultures has been an incredible journey for me. My adventure has found me in many different environments to work my magic; cooking in some of the toughest of conditions with very little ingredients, to low budget student meals, to having dinner parties and cooking for friends and family. But the most exciting part of it all, is that it dosen’t have to be at home. You can do this in the back of an old 80s Madza pop up roof camper in the outback, in a chalet apartment on a season in the alps or on a one stove burner in a field in the countryside.

As a very active person and someone with a dodgy gut, I mainly cook healthy, but TASTEY food. But why cant healthy food be delicious? Unfortunately the world we currently live in, with constant social media and advertisement flooding our ears, we are taught that healthy food often dosen’t have the same exciting flavours as our naughty treats… BUT follow my recipes and you will see that eating healthily and remaking your own versions of our classic friday night takeaways, is even nicer, and also saving you a lot of money!

My travels have meant that I’ve been fortunate enough to live in different resorts in the Alps for a few years now, however after a tough skiing accident im now off my feet for a while. So what better time than during my post-op recovery period, to start to write and guide you into my love for cooking and the experiences I’ve had with food around the world.

So whats your hobbie? Whats your talent? What do you want to get out of your life?

Im hoping that my blog will motivate you to try new ingredients and ways of cooking, experience different foods and cultures all around the world, and turn something which was an everyday lesson at school in your pinnie, into an everyday adventure.

As is said, theres nothing better than sharing your best experiences with others, so please get in touch sharing your stories and recipes too. Comment on my blogs with the stories you love so I can continue to share this journey with you.



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