The Last Bite

Mount Cook, New Zealand 2015

Some say that the first bite of every dish is the most important when it comes to food.

I believe NOT

Yeah you try it and see if you like the initial taste, but REALLY whats important is the #LAST BITE.

The last bite, is the one which leaves you with an experience, a memory, one which you will remember and go and share with others.

Cooking is like a story book. You start with an idea, this can be an inspiration from others, or from somewhere you have been or something you have already tasted. This idea is then made, step by step, following a route or journey to make a new creation. Sometimes this may not work, you may have troubles or don’t enjoy the taste. However the end game is to create this fairy tale ending, which fills you with joy, an experience which you want to share with others.


YES but this is how much I LOVE food. Experiencing it through new countries and flavours, reading about new ideas from others and creating inspirational dishes myself, for my own pleasure and for others satisfaction.

This blog is aimed to share all those last bites, and the effect they have had on my cooking experiences.

No Body likes to share food… but here on the Last Bite, I will share all my experiences with YOU!

Look forward to sharing this journey with you,



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